Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To bring glory to God by working together as a community providing quality Christian-based education.

Our Mission

Christadelphian Ƶ College Sydney strives for:

  • wisdom, reflecting Christian values in its organisation, teaching and practices, to provide a caring and safe environment
  • knowledge, developing life skills in children and building strong partnerships with our families
  • excellence, optimising the capacity of each student to achieve their potential in academic, spiritual, moral, personal and creative spheres

We seek God’s blessing in achieving these aims Psalms 127:1

Our Values


Our education programs are based on Bible principles and so seek to instil in our students the Gospel values of faith and hope in God and love for one another


Students are encouraged to become confident, active, self motivated and to pursue excellence in all areas, both academic and non-academic


Commitment to truth, sound judgement and ethical conduct is identified, acknowledged and celebrated


Personal responsibility, leadership and initiative fosters opportunities for a positive contribution


Respect for God, respect for others, respect for self


Nurturing a caring community, looking out for others and providing for their needs


Promoting an active involvement in the partnership between home and school, to model the strength of teamwork